Who am I?

I am many things.

I am a…
Failure. Success. Dreamer. Listener. Explorer. Innovator. Artist. Entertainer. Creator. Leader. Friend. Multitasker. Dancer. Designer. Student. Choreographer. Servant. Cheerleader. Planner. Flautist. Writer. Francophone. Photojournalist. Tutor. Jogger. Queen. Yankee. Southerner. Hoya. Traveller. Sailor. Minimalist. Hostess. Motivator. Model. Advisor. Comedian. Organizer. Homemaker. Researcher. Amateur. Tarheel. Dentist. Cook. Poet. Perfectionist. Optimist. Wife. Mother.

I am human. You and I have some identity in common, and yet I am unique. I am an ordinary woman who feels extraordinarily fortunate. I have gained much, and I have much yet to gain.

I am one who aspires for every lovely or worthwhile treasure. While I appreciate gifts of every sort, the greatest gifts are those that edify or uplift the mind, body, and heart. If there is any good gift in my life’s acquisition, I hope to share it with anyone desirous to receive it.

Welcome to my gift list. Welcome to Sweet Sagacity.


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