What is Sweet Sagacity?

What do I want to tell you? Well, what do you want to know?

It doesn’t really matter what I want to tell you. All that matters, is what you want to hear.

Ten different people could walk away with ten different impressions from any story, principle, or thing I share…

Why is that?

‎”The truth is that we hear what we’re prepared to hear. We learn what we’re prepared to learn. We discover and comprehend what we’re prepared to discover and comprehend.” ~ Ron Willingham

So, I ask. What do you want to hear? What do you want to learn? What do you want to discover and comprehend? Ask yourself these questions, and prepare to receive the answers for which you wish.

If you are honest with yourself, truly honest with yourself, you will prepare yourself for the reception of truth. If you are not wholly honest with yourself (an unfortunate number are not), you will prepare yourself for one (of an infinite number) of truth’s modifications.

Give yourself the gift of honesty with self. It is priceless, yet it is free. It is entirely up to you to give. It will free your mind, and simplify your life. If you seek anything of sweet sagacity, you’d first benefit from this.

Give up your pride and vain ambitions for living an empty life of fallacy. Give up the material things that go hand in hand with this. If you do this, greater sagacity will be yours.

Some become angry over facts. As if the facts control themselves, and have chosen to make anyone angry. The facts are the facts. You’ve surely created a certain number of facts in your life which are pleasing to your mind, and a certain number which are unpleasant. We all have.

What do you do with the unpleasant facts you’ve created? Do you swiftly sweep them under your rug, and pretend that they don’t exist? Do you victimize yourself, and blame some other person for putting them there? Do you endeavor to dump these unpleasant particles from your domicile onto someone else’s foyer floor? (Do you then run around the neighborhood exclaiming what a mess is in your victim’s foyer?) Do you publicly point out how much messier than your own your foe’s foyer is, to distract others from the miserable self-created facts of your life?

Yes, you’ve probably done at least one of these things in your life, maybe more. Stop it. Seriously. Stop. It.

This sort of conduct doesn’t bring you relief. This adds greater weight to things which were uncomfortably heavy for you to begin with.

What, then, to do with unpleasant facts you’ve created in life?

1) Recognize them without added sweetener.
2) Apologize, if appropriate. (This process is for things you have created.)
3) Make any feasible corrections.
4) Determine to avoid any future reproductions.
5) Be grateful for the enlightenment. Congratulate yourself for doing yourself a favor, and move on to a brighter, less encumbered future. (Yes, less. Consequences still exist, but you have the peace of mind in knowing you’ve done everything in your power to correct yourself.)
6) Worry only about what you have power to control. (The rest is a waste of your time and peace of mind.)

When it comes to wisdom, you are your own gatekeeper. It is my hope to bring you sagacious sweetness at its best. What you take away from what I bring to the table is entirely up to you.


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