Where to look?

Where to look?

Maybe you don’t know what your goals are. Maybe you do. Maybe you’re afraid to verbalize your goals publicly or privately because you are afraid of failure. Which scenario describes you?

Look within yourself. Allow yourself to discover what you truly want out of life, love, and work. What do you want to be? What do you want to learn? What do you want to do? Where do you want to travel? What are your visions and goals for your family? What, of all of your goals, is most important? What, in the end of life, will you be most thankful for achieving? What are your “cherry on top” goals?

Most people do not have written goals. (“Most”, meaning apporoximately 90-95% of people.) Of those who do have written goals, there are certainly those who have only written down a portion of their goals. (In other words, there is likely room for improvement for some subset of the 5-10% with written goals.) Those with written goals are extraordinarily successful at reaching them.

Here is a sagacious suggestion:

Write your goals down on paper.

This is a worthwhile enough suggestion to state again. And again.

Write your goals down on paper.
Write your goals down on paper.
Write your goals down on paper.

I have set goals for myself from a young age. I have experienced failure from time to time. Nevertheless, most people looking at my life from arm’s length would classify my existence a success. The key for me, and for anyone, really, is to press on. Keep moving. Be optimistic regardless of life’s setbacks.

Europe is exciting, and South America is interesting. Georgetown is wonderful, and Chapel Hill has its charm. Dental school is a study in self-abnegation (or self-abasement), and culinary school is a study in sapidity. Pregnancy is a surprising metamorphosis, and crossing the threshold of motherhood is miraculous.

I’ve been to what some would consider to be many places, and I’ve accomplished a few things along the way. But, I’m not finished.

With terrific things in my rearview, I am –as I should be– thankful. Nevertheless, I must focus on the road ahead.

In life, there are campers, hikers, and climbers. The climbers face the roughest route, with the most steep incline. Their journey is the most trying. Few choose the route they forge, and few enjoy the view they do.

I want to go on a path less travelled, and I want to go with trusting, positive people in my life. I want to continue to explore the world around me. I want to enjoy the most beautiful view. I want to continue to learn (yes, even after nine years of schooling). I want to continue to grow. I want to nourish my marriage, family, friendships, and life with sweet sagacity.

I am not afraid of coupling lofty goals with more realistic goals. I will aspire to every success available in life.

You are welcome to join me.


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