How To Capture a Pregnancy Silhouette Photo


Recently, I received a compliment as well as an inquiry regarding my pregnancy silhouette photo.  I’ve always loved the look of a black on white silhouette.  Here is how you can capture your very own.

1.  Select a large window.
2.  Pull up the blinds, and pull back the curtains.
3.  Cover the window with a plain white sheet.
4.  Dress in form-fitting black from head to toe.
5.  Fix your hair.  I think an updo is beautiful for a silhouette.  You may want to play around with different styles.
6.  Have your husband, or a friend to capture the silhouette. No need for a fancy camera.  My husband took mine on his iPhone.
 Hint:  Indirect light is nice in early evening or morning.

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