10 Days of 10 Ways to be The Considerate (of others) New Parent: A Guide to Etiquette {Day One}

Ahhhhh.  The Joy…  The awe…  The wonder… The marvel, the miracle, the blessing, the perfection that is your child.  The world is a better place.  Your child makes it a better place.  What a grace your child brings to every place.

I know, right?  I’m a new mother too.  There is nothing but radiating joy eminating from your eminence, your child.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss www.artbyashleyphotography.com

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss

Within seconds after my son was born, I held him.  And, in that magical moment marking an eternally significant emergence into motherhood from womanhood, I felt a warm rush… of urine showering my torso.

Did I mind that my son was urinating on me?  Of course not.  I think one gift we receive as we cross that threshold is not minding things like that.  Urine?  No problem.  Spittle?  How cute.  Number two? And the crowd goes wild.  You’re so delighted to see there is such a healthy color and quantity eminating from your eminence, your baby.

It is wonderful to cherish these things, and to have patience and tolerance, even joy, for them as new parents.  The task of being a parent requires much ado about bodily functions.  If you cannot find something sweet about caring for these things in your little one, the first years of parenthood will not be very sweet to you (unless chronic fatigue is somehow sweet for you).

If you are a young parent, I understand you.  I am living your life.  I love this life.


What about the rest of the world?  What about the future parents, or the parents of older children?  Do they derive this same sweetness from your child’s demonstration of healthy renal (or GI) function?  Better yet, should they?  I would think not.  I would actually think it strange if they did.

I was married for more than a decade before our angel arrived.  During that time I encountered many parents inside of my home, and outside of my home.  Some of them were incredibly considerate, while others were less aware of opportunities to demonstrate consideration.  I was amazed by the grace I saw among the most considerate couples, and I aspired to emulate it as a mother.  It is a wonderful thing to be aware and mindfully considerate of others;  I am sure you agree.  For those of you who may not have had the fortune of observational learning, and desire some guidance in this department, I have put some pointers together.

All in all, keep this sweet sagacity in mind:

“The fragrance of what you give away stays with you.”  ~ Unknown


How To Be Considerate New Parents

1.  Diapers.

They are a necessity, yes.  Nevertheless, they are not evoking a marvelous memory of your visit if you draw any attention to their presence during your stay, or if you leave any trace of them behind you.
If you use cloth diapers, you may like to invest in some flushable liners when you are a house guest, to make your changes less messy.  You may also decide to use a few disposable diapers for added convenience, while you are away from home.
Disposable diapers are a nice thing for convenience in travel, even if you much prefer the many benefits of cloth for your baby and the environment.
When we have travelled, we use individual bags to wrap soiled disposable diapers.  We pack the individually bagged, soiled diapers back into the diaper bag, and dispose of them ourselves after our departure (unless the hostess emphatically insists otherwise).  I bring a small something to freshen the air, where we have changed the diaper.
When we are staying somewhere for an extended period, I have at least a couple of kitchen size trash bags on hand, and I use this for the individually wrapped diapers.  When the large bag is full, I then double bag it.
I do not put a dirty diaper into someone else’s trash can. I implore you not to deposit a dirty diaper in your host’s kitchen trash can–not even in their bathroom, or in their nursery.  If you feel that you have no other option, double or triple bag the diaper(s) first, and then ask your hostess for guidance on where to dispose of the diaper(s).
I realize that while my child’s diapers may have no offending fragrance for me, other people may feel that it is less pleasant than a dozen roses.  Indeed, they may find it unpleasant.  (I know.  It is hard to believe.)  If you want to leave a lovely impression of your stay, and hope for another invitation, I suggest that you gift your hostess a dozen roses, and take your airtight bag of soiled diapers with you.

What are some sagacious tips you have for being a considerate new parent?  Please share!

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