10 Days of 10 Ways to be The Considerate (of others) New Parent: A Guide to Etiquette {Day Two}

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss www.artbyashleyphotography.com

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss

How To Be Considerate New Parents

2.  Laundry.

Bring whatever materials you need to be self-sufficient.  If you need to do laundry, plan to use a laundry mat, unless your hostess encourages you to use her facilities.  If you think you may need to do laundry during your stay, and would much prefer to use your hostess’ machine, ask her if you may use it before you arrive.  If you forget to ask before your arrival, ask when you arrive.  It would be most considerate to limit your number of loads to one or two, and to be clear in your inquiry about how and when you would use the facilities.  Do not help yourself to her washing machine and dryer.  Do not wait until you have a heap of soiled clothing in your arms to pose a desperate, last-minute inquiry.  That would not be considerate.

Cloth diapering?   (Yes, I do too.)  Do not assume to launder your cloth diapers in someone else’s home.  Just don’t do it.  Have your waterproof, zippered bag with you for your soiled inventory to bring back home to launder.

“The fragrance of what you give away stays with you.”  ~ Unknown


What are some sagacious tips you have for being a considerate new parent?  Please share!

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