10 Days of 10 Ways to be The Considerate (of others) New Parent: A Guide to Etiquette {Day Five}

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss www.artbyashleyphotography.com

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss

How To Be Considerate New Parents

5.  Cupboards.

Do not make yourself at home by stashing your baby’s meals into your hostess’ cupboards.  If you have food for your baby that needs to be refrigerated, or frozen, inquire about this before your arrival.  Inquire again once you arrive.  Other items, like canned foods, you may keep with your bags.  Unless your hostess points out a place for your food items in the kitchen or pantry, retrieve what you need from your bags as you need it.
Do not go grocery shopping for your own family’s favorite foods, and fill the kitchen with your purchases if you have not discussed doing so with your hostess.  Unless you, or one of your children, have an allergy to the grains and beverages that your hostess has on hand, this is inconsiderate of what she has graciously selected for your nourishment.  If you would like to go grocery shopping for a few items, do not duplicate what she has on hand unless it is allergy-related, limit your purchases to just a few items, and offer to pick up (and pay for) anything she needs from the store.

“The fragrance of what you give away stays with you.”  ~ Unknown


What are some sagacious tips you have for being a considerate new parent?  Please share!

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