10 Days of 10 Ways to be The Considerate (of others) New Parent: A Guide to Etiquette {Day Seven}

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss www.artbyashleyphotography.com

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Clauss

How To Be Considerate New Parents

7.  Babysitting.

Unless it is explicitly stated and arranged, you, as the parent, are the caretaker for your child.  You are always responsible for your child.  Do not visit friends or family with the idea that you are taking a vacation from this responsibility.  Unless it is specifically arranged, do not approach the visit as if your hosts are there to babysit for you.  That means, being considerate of the hosts’ daily schedule, you may sleep in as long as your child does.  If your child does not sleep in, unless it is otherwise arranged, you should arise to tend to them when they do.

“The fragrance of what you give away stays with you.”  ~ Unknown


What are some sagacious tips you have for being a considerate new parent?  Please share!

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