Fashion for Friday: The Long Short

One of the most doable, wearable, and terrific trends of the year:  the long short.  Here are 5 reasons why:
  1. This “trend” is classic.  Timeless, not trendy.  It is not something you’ll want to remove from your wardrobe in future seasons.
  2. This style is is great for any age.
  3. Wear it anywhere.  You could confidently wear this to anything from work, to meeting your future in-laws.
  4. It is modest.  (Remember ladies:  men imagine perfection.  Why make them think less?)
  5. A DIY opportunity.  You (or your local tailor) may hike up the hem on a pair of trousers or jeans you already own. knee shorts
The Row striped shorts, $475 / Knee length shorts, $600 / J Brand short jean shorts / Marni knee length shorts, $515 / Dondup metallic shorts, $270

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