Homemade Baby Formula Kit

Homemade Baby Formula Kit

Nourishing Traditions Kit for Homemade Baby Formula

I was so very excited to find this kit when we had to supplement my milk supply.  If you read the post on coconuts, you know that much time was spent researching nutrition options for our infant.  Among the options to supplement breastmilk, I believe that homemade formula is one of the best for infant nutrition.

Why a homemade formula?  Because it is the only way to know exactly what it is that you are feeding your child.  If that knowledge is important to you, this is the only way to do it.  The nutrition of your child is more important to you and your child than it is to anyone else on the planet (–especially big business).

Why not just purchase the best organic formula from Whole Foods?  This is something that I researched.  I read somewhere that the DHA, even in the most elite of the “organic” formulas is extracted from the source with carcinogenic hexanes.

Do not take my word for what is best for your baby.  Do your own research.  Above all, do what you feel is best for your baby.  Only you can do that.

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