X-Mini: The Must-Have for your Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag



One thing I knew I wanted in the delivery room was soothing music.  With the help of a friend, and a number of hours sampling music on iTunes, I compiled a perfectly serene 14-hour playlist.  I then started looking for a speaker.  I wanted to find something small that I could pack for the hospital.  What good would my playlist be, if I couldn’t play it, right?

When I saw the X-mini on Amazon for less than $25, I thought that it was worth a try.  I am well pleased with the speaker, and thus I share this sagacious purchase with you.

The atmosphere of music during my labor and delivery was just perfect.  It was soothing.  It was comforting.  I could hear the music even from the bathtub of the en suite bathroom.  I think that the atmosphere of soothing sounds that I brought was appreciated by everyone in the hospital –including the midwife and nurses.  (My doula thought it was so wonderful that she purchased one herself.  I believe she wanted to have it for her future births.)

Since using my X-mini in the hospital, I have used it in the nursery, and in the home for social gatherings.  The sound quality and projection is truly amazing.  I cannot believe how it fits into the palm of my hand.  It is about the size of a small lime.

I love this sweet little thing so much.  If you love music, I’m sure you will too.


What must-haves do you recommend for a labor & delivery hospital bag? Please share!